Conference Presentations

2019    Invited talk at 3D Medical Printing Conference & Expo 2019, MECC, Maastricht, (Netherlands), “Reactive Inkjet Printing of Functional Silk Micro-motors.”

2017    Invited talk at 3D Medicine Printing Conference, Jan/Feb 2017, Maastricht, (Netherlands), “Reactive Inkjet Printed 3D silk microrockets for micro-stirring, cargo transport and drug delivery applications.”

2016      Focal talk at Printing for Fabrication September 2016, Manchester, UK, “Altering the Bubble Release of Reactive Inkjet Printed Silk Micro-Rockets.”

2016    Poster Presentation at International Symposium Micro- and Nanomachines in June 2016 in Hannover (Germany), “Controlling trajectory behaviour of bubble propelled self-motile micromotors via catalyst distribution.”

2016    Poster Presentation at E-MRS (Symposium F: Adv. Materials for Printing) May 2016, Lille (France), “Reactive Inkjet Printing of Biocompatible Silk Micro-rockets”.

2014       Oral Presentation: 88th Colloid & Surface Science Symp. June 2014 Pennsylvania USA, “Electrokinetic Effects in Catalytic Pt-insulator Janus Swimming Devices”

2014       Poster Presentation at 4th International Colloid Conference in March 2014 in Madrid (Spain), “Electrokinetic effects in catalytic Pt-insulator Janus swimming devices”.